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Blasting out years of built up debris in your drain and sewer lines

Hydro Jetting Denver CO. ProFlo Sewer offers Hydro Jetting services in Denver CO. The amount of strain our drain and sewer lines are subject to is unknown to most. Day in and day out, your drain and sewer lines distribute and eliminate gallons upon gallons of water and waste debris. This heavy use can result in your drain and sewer lines becoming clogged or blocked by food, grease, paper towels, waste, and materials not meant to be flushed down the toilet. When you get a clogged drain line, your dishwasher, sinks, tubs and showers, toilets, and other appliances and fixtures will drain correctly.

Hydro Jetting or High Pressure Jetting Cleaning is one of the ways ProFlo Sewer can get your drain and sewer lines flowing properly.

Experienced & Skilled Hydro Jetting Technicians

Proactive’s hydro jetting technicians are experienced experts with high pressure jetting equipment and techniques. We have years of experience with all facets and tools of hydrojetting, and will carefully get your drain and sewer lines scoured and sparkling clean!

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Power Jetting Sewer & Drain Line in Denver

Our Power Jetting Sewer & Drain Line services includes scrubbing main and secondary drain and sewer lines. The hot powerful flush clear debris, build-up, deep cleans and sanitzies the lines. We offer Power Jetting for commercial and residential customers. Call Proactive Sewer & Drain for all your Denver Power Jetting needs at (303) 503-6019.

    • Apartments, Condominiums & Townhomes
    • Bars
    • Hotels
    • HOA’s
    • Industrial Parks
    • Office Buildings
    • Restaurants
    • Retail
    • Single Family Residences
    • and more!

Hydrojetting Technology

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

Hydro Jetting is a high pressure stream of water that blows away clogs due to food, grease, hair, mineral deposits, paper towels, soap and scum, tree roots, and other debris that is blocking your drain or sewer line.

The Hydro Jetting system includes a long flexible hose with a specialized nozzle that our technicians run into the drain pipes. The hose is connected to a pump that sprays water through the pipes at about 7,000 PSI, which is a tremendous amount of pressure. As the pipe runs through the drain pipe, the high pressure water scours the pipe walls clean.

After the scouring of the pipe, our video inspection technology will let you see how clean the pipe is compared to before.

High Pressure Jetting in Denver

Why and When Should You Use Hydro Jetting?

If your drains are not working as well as they should, it may be time to get a cleaning with High Pressure Jetting. Drain and sewer lines experience heavy use, and over time they can develop debris build-up and clogs.

The high pressure water from Hydrojetting can penetrate the pipe much deeper than any cabling (snake) system can, therefore, your pipes get a complete cleaning. Hydro Jetting scours away the debris that has built up along the walls of the entire pipeline. Your pipes are like new, with completely clean walls and pipe will remain clog free for a longer period of time.

For preventative maintenance, regular Hydro Jet cleaning for your drain and sewer lines prevents clogs from developing. This preventative maintenance will keep your pipes clean, and allow you to avoid bigger blockages that create bigger and more expensive problems.

Hydro Jetting Plumbing Cost

We offer very competitive hydro jetting plumbing cost to our residential and commercial customers.

Difficult sewer or drain line access, extra time on job, location and extra parts are the only factors that could impact our regular hydro jetting pricing. We always let the customer know ahead of time of any additional costs.

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