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Drain Cleaning Denver CO experts. Routine drain cleaning in your home or business is an important care exercise that is overlooked. It is simple to neglect the drain and sewer line system, as it is unseen under the floor and behind the walls. The drain and sewer pipes usually work just fine, and your sinks, showers, bathtubs are draining properly, and the toilets flush the way it should, and everything seems well.

Yet, clogs can start developing deep inside the lines, and if they are not dealt with, these small clogs can end up growing and ultimately totally blocking the line. These blockages impede wastewater and sewage from flowing through, and can result in back-ups into your property, that creates a health hazard.

Experienced & Skilled Drain Cleaning Technicians

ProFlo’s drain and sewer technicians are experienced experts with drain cleaning equipment and techniques. We have years of experience with all facets and tools of drain cleaning, and will carefully get the job done right and rapidly. We will always let you know which method is the best one for your specific drain clog problem.

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We offer the drain and sewer cleaning services below for Residential and Commercial customers in Denver CO. We also offer Routine Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Service. Call ProFlo Sewer & Drain for all your Denver Drain Cleaning needs at (303) 503-6019.

Air Conditioner Drains
Bar Sink Drains
Bathtub Drains
Floor Drains
Garbage Disposals
Grease Traps
Kitchen Drains
Lavatory Drains
Leaking Drain pipes

Main Drain Line Clogged
Mop/Utility sinks
Roof Vent and Clean out Access
Secondary lines
Shower Drains
Toilet Auger
Toilet Repair & Replacement

Causes of Clogged Drain

There are various reasons drain and sewer lines can get clogged up. Debris that is not meant to be flushed down a toilet, such as cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, or other debris, can cause clogs. Everyday things such as soap and hair from showers and baths, grease and food, build up on the lining of the pipes. Tree roots are a major cause of blockages because they seek out water and penetrate drain and sewer pipes, and increase in size until the pipe is completely blocked.

Unclog Drain

Due to these causes of pipe clogs, it is advisable to have regular drain cleanings. Routine drain cleanings allow you to eliminate small clogs before they become clogs that completely block the drain or sewer line. Water pressure will escalate in a blocked pipe, and this can lead to cracks and leaks, or even a pipeline bursting. As the saying goes, you can pay a little now or pay a lot more later.

State of Art Drain Cleaning Equipment

There are many who will try DIY solutions such as purchasing chemical drain cleaners in a bottle from the store. These are mostly ineffective fixes, and a waste of time and money. Pouring chemicals down your drain line only cleans very small obstructions, and the chemicals can damage the pipes, and are environmentally unsafe.

Drain snakes and comparable tools can poke a hole into a clog, allowing the water to flow. However, this can be a misleading indicator that the clog problem has been solved permanently. Usually the clog will build-up again, and create another blockage.

At Proactive Sewer & Drain we use the latest technologies which ensure that your drain and sewer lines will flow wastewater away properly. These techniques include Cabling and Hydro Jetting.

Cabling or Snaking is for bigger clogs. These are also referred to as “snakes” that have sharp blades on one end. We feed the snake into the line and when it reaches the clogged area, the blades rapidly rotate and pulverize the debris removing it completely.

Hydro Jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water through specialized nozzle that scours the drain line clean and removes most clogs including tree roots and other built up debris. High pressure jetting leaves your drain and sewer lines scrubbed clean and looking like new.

Prevent Drain Clogs

If you notice your drains are draining slow, don’t hesitate to call Proactive Sewer & Drain to get the pipes cleaned before the issue turns into a larger problem.

We recommend that homeowners and businesses clean their drain lines at least once a year, regardless if you think they need cleaning or not. This will help you avoid “emergency” drain clog scenarios which are more costly, damaging, and stressful.

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